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Dear game fans, get ready for an unprecedented football feast! EA SPORTS FC™: UEFA EURO 2024™ is here, taking you into a football world full of passion, enthusiasm and endless possibilities! This game is not just a sports game, it's more like your football dream has become a reality. Come and feel the charm of football!

Have you ever thought about becoming a football legend? Or showing off your skills in the world's most watched arena? EA SPORTS FC™: UEFA EURO 2024™ is made for you! This game not only inherits the consistent high quality of EA SPORTS, but also adds all the exciting elements of the 2024 European Cup. Real player faces, fine stadium details, and exciting game atmosphere, as if you are in the real game scene!

Want to experience an exciting game right away? The quick game mode will satisfy your wishes! Choose your favorite national team, enter the game directly, and compete with the world's top teams. There is no long waiting here, only a heart-touching duel!

Dream of becoming a great coach? In the season mode, you can build your own dream team and participate in the entire European Cup journey. From the group stage to the final, every game is crucial. You need to develop tactics, adjust the lineup, and lead your team to glory!

Don’t think playing against AI is enough? Then challenge global players in the online league! Here are all masters, and only the strongest players can top the leaderboard. Use your operation and strategy to conquer the world and become a true football king!

In EA SPORTS FC™: UEFA EURO 2024™, you can create your own players. From hairstyle, face shape to shoes and shin guards, it’s all up to you. Make your players not only skilled on the field, but also handsome!

Have you been moved to tears by a historic goal? In the classic moment replay mode, you can relive these great moments. Not only that, you can also participate in it yourself and experience the key moments that determine the fate of the game!

Ultra-realistic graphics: With the help of the latest graphics engine technology, every detail is vivid, making you feel as if you are there.

Dynamic weather system: sunny, rainy, snowy, the game experience in various weather conditions is completely different, which increases the challenge and fun of the game.

Intelligent AI opponents: The opponent's tactics and strategies will be adjusted according to the game situation, making every game full of unknowns and surprises.

Rich commentary content: The professional commentary team brings you wonderful comments throughout the game, making every game more exciting.

Now, put on your boots, bring your passion, and embark on your road to championship!

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