We Are Warriors!
We Are Warriors!
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    March 1, 2024
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We Are Warriors! is a strategic mobile game published by Lessmore UG. This game brings players into a world of strategy and war, where they need to utilize wisdom and courage to lead their armies to victory in these ever-changing times. In the mysterious land of We Are Warriors! brave souls from distant lands come together to embark on a journey of unparalleled courage and adventure.

In the game, players will begin in a simple Stone Age and gradually move to more advanced times through continuous development and evolution. The core gameplay of the game revolves around food collection and army recruitment. Players need to harvest food on the battlefield and use that food to recruit soldiers as a way to resist enemy attacks. At the same time, players also need to improve their strength during the battle to better cope with the challenges ahead.

Another highlight of the game is its rich era evolution system. From the initial Stone Age, to the Farming Age, to the Iron Age, and finally to the Modern Warfare Age, each era has its unique soldiers and tactics. For example, the original soldiers may have just fought with wooden sticks in hand, but as the eras evolved, players could recruit more powerful soldiers such as Dinosaur Knights and Spartan Warriors, or even tanks, the steel torrents of modern warfare.

The foundation of We Are Warriors! lies in its immersive world-building, carefully designed to transport players into a realm where every shadow hides a new challenge and every horizon holds endless treasure. From verdant forests echoing with the whispers of ancient spirits, to towering castles that soar into the heavens, the stage is set for an epic odyssey.

We Are Warriors! simplifies the strategy gameplay so that players can more easily master the game. The game uses food as a resource, and soldiers are recruited through automatically produced food, eliminating the need for tedious operations. Meanwhile, the soldiers in the game can not only be leveled up, but also get extra boosts through evolution, making the battles more diverse.

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